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It is an honor to write this for Kim Gorbett who I’ve known for ten years. As her friend, I vouch for her dependability and pleasant attitude toward others. Kim is the poster child for consistency,


She is polite to everyone even in events of crippling duress and has been a constant source of encouragement to her family and friends. 


On both professional and personal levels, I believe that Kim is a compassionate human being who is always there for people in their time of need. 

Tony Barham

Tennessee Highway Patrol 

 LT. Colonel (Retired)                                 


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Tony Barham Tennessee Highway Patrol LT. Colonel (Retired)

Last year, my husband and I relocated to a new state be nearer to family.  Our home town is very  small and we knew it would take time to establish a new life in a bigger city.  Kim was one of the first people we met. We knew immediately that she never met a stranger.  Talking with her seemed effortless as we shared a few life experiences.  As we became better acquainted, what stood out most is that Kim is naturally gifted in her ability to relate to others and put them immediately at ease.  It is a pleasure and joy to be in her presence and we are blessed in knowing her. Each time we meet, her genuine kindness feels like we are being welcomed home.  Gayle McGibbins


Gayle Mc Gibbins
Kim is the rare person who you can always count on to be honest and forthright with you, even when such honesty does not benefit her. She will represent you as a true real estate professional, and will always have your best interests in mind. If you want a trustworthy professional, look no further than Kim Gorbett.
- Amy F. Attorney at Law
Amy F.